Frequently Asked Questions

Over 2100 altcoins? Ya gotta be kidding, right?

Nope, there really have been that many coins announced / launched (some announced coins failed to make it to launch, others never intended to).

Does the DOACC dataset include absolutely every altcoin?

Pretty much every one that’s been publicised or listed somewhere. New sightings are always welcome.

How frequently is the DOACC dataset updated?

At least once a month, sometimes more frequently. Expect the frequency to increase further.

Does DOACC include information for 2ndGen coins? And their assets?

Yes and no, in that order.

Why are so few coins listed as defunct?

Because absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Where a coin is known to be defunct, it is annotated as such. Where a coin is listed on an exchange, it too is annotated as such. The remainder are declared “not known to be defunct”, the strongest statement that can be made, based on the available information.

What’s the licencing? Can I use the data commercially?

CC-by, so yes, you may freely use the data commercially.

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