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A Cryptocurrency

This is one of the basic concepts. A list of the DOACC population of individual cryptocurrencies is available.

doacc:Cryptocurrency a owl:Class ; rdfs:label "Kryptomena"@cs, "Crypto-Währung"@de, "Cryptocurrency"@en, "Cryptodivisa"@es, "Crypto-monnaie"@fr, "暗号通貨"@ja ; rdfs:comment "Kryptomena."@cs, "Ein Crypto-Währung."@de, "A cryptocurrency."@en, "Una cryptodivisa."@es, "Une crypto-monnaie."@fr, "暗号の通貨"@ja ; ns:term_status "unstable" ; skos:prefLabel "Cryptocurrency"@en ; rdfs:isDefinedBy .

(Apologies for the mangled “isDefinedBy” URL in the above example, I really do need to have a word with the syntax highlighting lexer.)